With this app aboard your iPhone, you will no longer worry whether you left enough for the tip. This tip calculator is easy to use and allows you to quickly and accurately split the check with your friends, associates, and clients. 


  • Quick and accurate tip and split calculations
  • Calculates tip on pretax amount
  • Enter tax as a percent(%) or dollar amount($)
  • Tax Rate/Amount displayed above [TAX] key
  • Round split amount to nearest dollar quickly by swiping right
  • Round split amount to next dollar quickly by swiping up
  • Undo rounding by swiping left
  • Times [X] key for calculating multiple shares of the split amount
  • Dedicated keypad
  • Set defaults for tax% and tip% using a double tap to the calculator display
  • Shake iPhone to clear calculations and restore defaults
  • Slider input for tip% with continuous calculation of split amount
  • Select tip% in increments of 1% up to 30%
  • Slider input for splits with continuous calculation of split amount
  • Select spits in increments of 1 up to 20
  • Effective (actual) tip percentage displayed in the summary view